Fabian van den Brand (1981) is a dutch industrial designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands  running a design practice alongside the beautiful canals in the city center of Utrecht, the Netherlands. In the past I have been professionally active for several design agencies in the Netherlands and Nokia design in Finland. Since five years I am working independently and often hired as a design consultant directly by organisations and design consultancies. Furthermore I initiate projects myself which are carried out by other labels, or released independently. The main focus of projects I have been involved in lies within consumer electronics and interior products. During my career I have specialised myself in projects comprising initial concepting, future scenarios, advanced design, art direction, design programs, design for manufacturing, materialisation, strategic design and branding. This website contains a small selection of projects I have been working on in the (recent) past. Due to confidentiality restrictions I am only allowed to show a certain (moslty older) portion of a wide range of projects have contributed to for a lot of interesting clients.